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Senior Caregiver


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Kyle Fischl, Owner and Administrator

Working with the Disabled

My path to becoming a home care agency owner was profoundly shaped by meaningful relationships with individuals facing disabilities. In my 20s, I embarked on this journey unknowingly when I worked as a house painter for a man grappling with dementia. This early experience opened my eyes to the intricacies of living with such a condition and ignited my interest in providing support to those in need.

Subsequently, I stepped into the role of a live-in caregiver for a woman with dementia. This experience, where I was welcomed into the heart of a family grateful for my compassion and commitment, further solidified my dedication to caregiving. My journey continued as I supported a paraplegic man my age, deepening my resolve and understanding of the profound impact thoughtful care can have on individuals and their families.

These experiences led me to become a certified caregiver, eventually working with a local home care agency. The onset of the pandemic highlighted the critical need for personal caregiving services, propelling me to establish my own home care agency, now licensed in Pennsylvania and based in Allentown.

Body and Soul

The essence of caregiving transcends the physical acts of assistance—it’s about providing emotional and psychological support, acting as a beacon of hope, and offering a comforting presence akin to what a family member would provide. In my current role as Home Care Administrator, I strive each day to enhance the quality of care for our clients, guided by the principle that while we each have our own journey, the true measure of our path is the impact we have on the lives of those we serve.

In founding our agency, I leveraged my firsthand experiences and lessons learned to ensure our team embodies the same level of care, integrity, and dedication I hold dear. It's not just the recognition that matters but the genuine smiles and trust we earn from our clients and their families. Our collective efforts are dedicated to making a difference, nurturing both the body and soul of those in our care.


Exceptional Caregivers

Our company was founded by a passionate caregiver, with a strong focus on providing exceptional care and support to both our clients and our caregivers. Our entire organization is built with caregivers in mind, recognizing the valuable contributions they make to the lives of those they serve.

We understand the unique challenges and rewards of the caregiving profession, and we strive to create an environment that nurtures and empowers our caregivers to thrive in their roles. By putting caregivers at the forefront, we ensure that our services maintain the highest standards of quality and compassion.

We are here to support you and your loved ones on this journey of healthy aging in place. We have an open door policy for any questions, feedback, or concerns you may have. Together, we will ensure that you receive the best possible care and support, allowing you to live life to the fullest.

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